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Fast, economical and quality publication. Resale of books and e-books in the main stores and websites in Brazil and the world.

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Vibe Books is the young editorial label of Editora UNISV | Publish Books, created with the aim of helping independent authors who wish to have some of the main benefits obtained by authors hired by publishers in the traditional way.



01. What is semi-independent book publishing and how does it work?

The semi-independent publication is a modality perfected in 2020 by Editora UNISV | Publish Book  to assist writers who wish to publish their book  in an economical, safe and profitable way. Ideal for authors who want to unite the advantages of independent book publishing (self-publishing) with the exclusive advantages for writers hired in the traditional way.


02. What are the advantages of publishing an independent book - self-publishing - with the Vibe Books seal?


  • Your book will be produced in the highest quality, you will receive a number of printed books that may be enough to recoup the investment and still profit from direct sales and, if you prefer, order an extra book printing package to resell with an excellent profit margin. profit.

  • Your investment will be much lower than if you were to publish alone (self-publishing);

  • You receive a 10% discount on the other services offered on site  for the same book (if you so wish);

  • Your book's ISBN (International Standard Book Number) registration will have the numeric endings of an accredited publisher, rather than being an ISBN with the numeric endings of an independent publication. This attributes greater authority to the author's career, since independent writers, unfairly, are still not seen with good eyes by the book market in Brazil and in much of the world;

  • You can market your published book as you see fit and for the price you think is right without having to be accountable to any publisher;

  • In addition to all this, your book will be offered to the sameaccredited storesfor the sale of books by Editora UNISV. You can have your book published for sale on the main websites in Brazil and the world. You will receive commissions (royalties) for the books sold, just like a traditional contracted author.

3. What is included in the independent book publishing service package with Vibe Books?

  • ISBN record

  • Catalog Sheet – The catalog sheet of your book will be generated for the title page. You will receive guidance from our analysts for the correct preparation of the cover page;

  • Your original will not undergo a professional review as occurs with authors hired by the UNISV publishing house, however, you will be accompanied by an analyst or the editor himself to advise on improvements that are necessary for the book. If you wishhire the servicesreview, copyediting, preparation and improvement of the book, cover creation, formatting or layout, videobook creation, audiobook creation, press relations, among others, will have, as mentioned before, a special discount for such services;

  • Metadata Location: BISAC code, CDD, CDU etc.;

  • Insertion of his book in the site of Editora UNISV, among other stores with national and international repercussions;

  • Printing, with shipping included, of the number of books in the chosen package.

4. Can I just print my book without publishing?


Yes. Editora UNISV's book printing company prints quality books for independent authors and for other publishers throughout Brazil.Ask for a budget without commitmentand know more;


5. How to publish an independent book - self-publishing - by Vibe Books?

The author must choose, below, the semi-independent publication package - self-publishing - that most resembles  the project of his book. Within 48 hours after proof of payment, you will receive an authorization form for publication, printing and marketing of the book by e-mail. Then you must send the completed form together with the original of your book. Ready! From that moment on, we will immediately start the contracted services.

6. What is the deadline for publishing the book?

The deadlines vary according to the package of services requested, between 3 to 4 months. The time for inserting the book on the partner sites and the Editora UNISV site is up to 4 months after the publication of the book.


7. Will I be able to order more prints of the book after it is published?

Yes. Together with the publication, or later at any time, you can request the printing of your published book, with print runs from 20 copies, with the lowest price on the market. From 100 copies you receive progressive discounts.

8. Will I be able to commercialize my published books freely?

Yes. You can market your book as you see fit: direct sales, bookstores, social networks, marketplaces (eg Mercado Livre) and for the price you think is fair without having to be accountable to any publisher.

9. Will I be able to print my book at other printers?

Yes. You are not obliged to always print with us, you can print your book published with Vibe Books wherever you want without being accountable to any publisher. However, we offer almost insurmountable conditions in the market with the same printing quality and service provision. It should be noted that Vibe Books will be able to continue printing the book for sale on partner sites and stores, always respecting the writer's royalties and copyright. If you want to print in another printer, you must respect the edition standardization made by Vibe Books, editorial seal, etc.

10. How much does it cost to publish an independent book - self publishing - on Vibe Books?

Choose - just below - the package you want to hire for independent publication (self-publishing) of your book, according to the format, number of books and complementary services:

Forward your questions to the e-mail: or talk to our team via WhatsApp: (88) 997643201

Or learn more

Âncora 1 publicar livro independente


ATENÇÃO: Você poderá publicar livro em qualquer formato e solicitar impressões em qualquer formato e cores. no entanto, os livros que são colocados à venda nas principais lojas do Brasil e do mundo para impressão sob demanda, devem ter, obrigatoriamente, as seguintes especificações:

Formato: 14x21cm ou 16x23cm;

Miolo: Papel Offset 75g. com impressão em preto e branco ou tons de cinza em casos de conter fotos; 

Capa: Papel Cartão 250g. colorida com a parte de dentro (da capa) sem impressão e orelhas de 7cm.

Caso você precise de serviços para preparação do livro, veja as opções que oferecemos

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