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Book Printing at the Best Cost\ Benefit the country. Check out:



Editora UNISV provides book printing services to numerous independent authors and publishers across the country. The reason for our success is the ability to reconcile agility, high printing quality and low price for small, medium and large book runs.



Simulate or order the printing of your book with the best book printing company in Brazil!


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  1.  Can I just print one book?


Yes. We work with on-demand book printing (Fast Book Graphics) and with medium and large print runs (Offset Book Graphics).

  2. Can I print a children's book?


Yes. We have some formats for printing children's books with very high quality and an option for coated paper pages (similar to the covers of luxury magazines). Editora UNISV book printing professionals will talk to the client to define material and project before printing children's books.

  3. What is the standard for sending originals?


For better printing quality of the book, we suggest sending the file in PDF X/1 or PDF for printing. If you have any difficulty regarding this and other factors, chat with our team via WhatsApp to guide you. This way you will ensure the best print quality for your book. If you need any service to prepare your original (layout, cover, spelling and grammatical correction, among others, ask atservices page

  4. Can I request the printing of books and handouts?


Yes. We work with printing of books and handouts with professional material for commercialization, as well as for colleges and educational institutions with a very high level of quality.

  5. How are the booklets?


Booklets are printed on 75g offset paper. Covered in the same material as the books. The difference is that the booklet has a staple finish, unlike the book which is printed with a spine.

  6. What is the delivery time for book printing?


After proof of payment, it will take 4 to 8 working days to approve the material. Some adaptations may be necessary, extending this time. Once the material is approved, the printing period is 15 to 20 working days, depending on the number of books. For small print runs of books on demand we send them by post, for medium and large print runs of books, shipping is done by courier. Deadlines may change according to our demand, but details will be clarified in the budget.

  7. Requesting the printing of books will they be automatically published?


No. The publishing service is ordered separately from the printing service of the book. Books can be published with the Editora UNISV seal (if accepted by our editorial communication), or published independently with services provided by the publisher. Learn more about the services ofsemi independent publicationwith the same benefits as a hired writer. If you want to submit your original to the editorial sealUNISV publisher,know more.

Forward your questions to the e-mail: or talk to our editor via WhatsApp:


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