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In this work, the author invites us to navigate the waters of gender relations, in the seas of power relations between male and female.


Mulheres em Águas Masculinas is a book that brings the results of a study carried out with women fishermen in the Municipality of São José do Norte, in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. The research had as its central focus the investigation of the insertion and trajectory of women in a profession traditionally exclusively for men: fishing.


This work is structured in such a way as to insert the reader into the stories of these women. You will be led through these waters to discover this universe of femininity, masculinity and fishing activity. You will meet the protagonists of this universe that may be distant for you, but which are expressions of the different ways of being, thinking, doing and living. I invite you to browse the “Waters of Men”, and follow the trajectory of these women who have entered and still are inserted in a space that is not “ordinary” for them and which has been breaking taboos, deconstructing concepts and facing prejudices. You will find, throughout this work, spaces for reflection on gender relations and the space in which you are inserted. I hope that you can get the most out of this book and, who knows, maybe also “break taboos” so that you can live your life the way you want. Remember, the “women's place” and the “men's place” is where you want to be. The only limit to your full development is your willingness to act and do things differently.

Women in Masculine Waters: Trajectory and insertion of women in fishing

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    • HEIGHT 21 cm
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    • ISBN 978-85-93653-02-5    
    • YEAR OF EDITION 2018
    • LANGUAGE English
    • AUTHOR Stella Maris
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