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Magazine Printing and Publication  at the Best Cost\ Benefit the country. Check out:



Editora UNISV provides magazine and catalog printing services for companies, entrepreneurs, publishers and various institutions. We partner with large graphic parks offering one of the best cost/benefit ratios in the country. The reason for our success is the ability to reconcile agility, high quality in_cc781905-5cde-3194- bb3b-136bad5cf58d_printing and low price for small, medium and large print runs of magazines.

We are also selecting magazines that are part of a segment of our interest to publish in partnership with entrepreneurs. If you wish to publish a journal, please contact us at

Request a quote for printing your magazine:

Formato da Revista Fechada
Tipo de papel do miolo



We work with Cardboard Paper 250g

very high quality or coated 150g

Thanks. Within 24 hours we will respond to your request  from Monday to Thursday



  1.  Can I just print one magazine for testing?


Yes. We work with magazine printing on demand (Fast Magazine Graphics) and with medium and large print runs (Offset Graphics for Magazines and catalogs). However, the price of one magazine is equivalent to half the price for 20 copies (the suggested minimum quantity) 

  2. Can I print magazines and catalogs in any segment?


We offer the printing of magazines and catalogs in the most varied segments, as long as the material does not infringe the law in force in the country, that it is not unethical and that it does not contain pornographic material. The professionals of magazine graphics and Editora UNISV's catalogs will talk with the client to define material and project before printing any magazine.

  3. What is the sending pattern for my magazine's material?


For better print quality of the journal, we suggest sending the file in PDF X/1. If you have any difficulty regarding this and other factors, chat with our team via WhatsApp to guide you. This way you will guarantee the best printing quality for your magazine or product catalogue.

  4. Can I order the publication of the magazine together with the printing?


Yes. There are two ways to publish journals: You can choose to submit your journal for approval by the editorial board so that it becomes part of our range of products, or request only the publication services without including the seal editorial at UNISV and commercialization of the magazine.

  5. What is the delivery time for magazine printing?


After proof of payment, it will take 4 to 8 working days to approve the material. Some adaptations may be necessary, extending this time. Once the material is approved, the period for printing the magazine is from 10 to 20 days depending on the number of services that are in our production queue. For small runs of magazines on demand we send them by post, for medium and large print runs of magazines, shipping is done through a carrier. Deadlines may change according to our demand, but details will be clarified in the budget.

  6. Requesting the printing of a journal it will  automatically be published?

No. The publication service is ordered separately from the journal's printing service. Journals can be published with the Editora UNISV seal (if accepted by our commission editorial), or published independently with services provided by the publisher.

Forward your questions to the e-mail: or talk to our editor via WhatsApp:


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Editora UNISV has a partnership with a  Edicase, the largest magazine distributor in newsstands and specialized stores in Brazil. 

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