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Great Experts reveal practical and efficient strategies to recruit, select, motivate, develop and retain valuable talent in modern organizations.


This is the first volume of the UNISV People Management collection.


The authors of this work were chosen through a careful selection, lasting 18 months, among university professors and other professionals who stand out in themes related to People Management. Mandatory reading for managers of people in different scenarios.

The 04 books from the UNISV PEOPLE MANAGEMENT collection bring together the most current content with essential tips and guidelines for this area. They present a practical text that covers all the stages involved in the processes of attracting, recruiting, selecting, motivating, developing and retaining valuable talent in modern organizations. Recommended reading for leaders, managers, HR professionals and academics in courses involving people management.




Cleuza Pimenta|Cristina Castilho|Jerry Coutinho|Jociandre Barbosa|leonard david|Luanna Cunha|Sheila Porto|Suzianne Matos Francislene Moreto|  Suelem de Oliveira

People Management 4.0 book

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