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Digital version of the book ATTITUDE É TUDO by the author AISHA ROSE.


The definition of success is extremely relative: thousands of people around the world, although financially privileged, live empty, bored, isolated in their routine and dull world. That's how Aisha Rose lived, uncomfortable with the sameness of her routine in an office without windows, until one day changes happened... or rather, she had the attitude of accepting what the world could offer differently and with that embarking on a new journey. an adventure aboard cruise ships and luxury vessels, discovering multimillion-dollar worlds, visiting around 40 countries over the course of 10 years.

Attitude is Everything is a novel that inspires us to think about our present moment, inviting us to reflect on how interesting and satisfying it could be if we dared to take paths not yet tried. 

Believing in yourself, feeling that the secret of life is much more than just accepting our daily routine, it is accepting that our imagination will never be able to show us everything the world has to offer if we don't take the attitude of we seek for the hidden wonders.

Embark with Aisha  on the adventure of this book, a beautiful love affair with the unknown and with our internal searches.


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