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ATTENTION - Read the information and description. 


  1. Book printing in 16x23 format;
  2.   Purchases of up to R$ 200, single shipping of only R$ 10 to anywhere in Brazil;
  3. Over R$ 200 of purchase, FREE SHIPPING anywhere in Brazil;
  4. Up to 25 books we send by post office, above that amount do not choose sedex, as we will send by carrier;
  5. In the purchase field, you have the options: Choose the number of pages, choose the quantity and choose whether or not the cover will have ears;
  6. Production time is around 20 business days;
  7. Do not forget to include the CEP in your address register, in addition to your full name and CPF in the data for issuing the note;
  8. Maximum printing of 340 pages (we do not print books with more pages than that);
  9. After making the purchase, send the ready-made material, in PDF for printing, within a maximum of 2 days after the purchase, to the email (If you have any questions, contact us via Whatsapp or landline)
  10. If your material is not print-ready, you can request proofreading services, professional layout, cover creation or adjustment, or other services here atservices pageon our website, or through our Whatsapp service channel).
  11. You can also publish your book with our publication sealsemi-independent Vibebooks  and sell in the main online bookstores in Brazil and the world.




  • Book Paperback
  • Size 16x23cm
  • Black and white core on 75g offset paper
  • Color cover in special 250g cardboard.
  • Luxury semi-gloss lamination
  • Finishing: spine with super resistant PUR
  • laser printing


Thank you for choosing and trusting our services.


Editora UNISV's graphics proudly serves independent writers and publishers throughout Brazil and Portugal since 2016. Offering the best service so that your dream will be eternal in pages, with care and quality.


Environmentally friendly company: All the paper used by Editora UNISV comes from a renewable and sustainable source.


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BOOK PRINTING 16X23 - Offset Paper 75g

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