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Fada-Conto Vermelho is a book that favors children's literature with 15 fairy tales or fairy tales. But it can also be said that it is a collection of enchanted stories based on the assumption that the investigation of fantasy, conducted by pure thought, goes far beyond the immediate data offered by dreams and reality. Every pen and ink that considers the human intellect is capable of reaching the fullness of objective writing, since the beautiful letters are organized according to laws, recurrences and subdivisions equivalent and similar to the organization of the cognitive style. There is reason to pay tribute to the literary genre adopted by Hans Christian Andersen and carried forward in varying degrees of expressiveness by Marie-Catherine d'Aulnoy and Charles Perrault, and the more empirical imaginative work that began with Giambattista Basile and, in the nineteenth century, continued with Brothers Grimm, Carlo Collodi and Andrew Lang. In the present work there are “O Vampirinho Vampiresco”, “Mademoiselle Andorinha”, “Uma Aventura de Ratinho”, “O Sapo das Cravinas” and “Luminoso, o Vaga-Lume Iluminado” which are clearly surrealist in the sense that they emphasize the illusion or magic, as opposed to the senses or sensory perception. On the other hand, there are “Pierrô Lolô”, “O Cachecol do Caracol”, “Melissa, the Abelhinha Aventureira”, “Martim Kookaburra” that demonstrate nonsense, derision. The make-believe world is rarely very linear, but it always fits...

Foreword by C. Charriot – JackMichel Advisory

Extracted from the Foreword by C. Charriot – JackMichel Consultancy

Red Tale Fairy

    • EDITOR VibeBooks (UNISV Youth Label)
    • BAR CODE9786599247996
    • HEIGHT 20 cm
    • WIDTH 13.7cm
    • PESO 0.180 kg
    • FINISHING Special Brochure
    • ISBN 978-65992479-9-6
    • YEAR OF EDITION 2021
    • LANGUAGE English
    • AUTHORS Jaqueline Ramos | Micheline Ramos (JackMichel Literary Group)
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